"Charlie's new all-wood blade called the Hinoki Ghost, made me put down my trusted Butterfly Timo Boll ALC, as it was way better in terms of spin generation and power for the plastic ball".
--Vikram Kadi, CA (USATT rating 1949)

"I love Charlie's 7-9-5.5+birch skin paddle for my style of play. One side of the paddle provides outstanding speed and spin, the other side provides outstanding control. The squarer and longer handle also enhances the overall control of the blade. I strongly recommend this paddle for anyone who likes to use two totally different kinds of rubber on their paddle."
--John Lockwood, 
Little Ferry, New Jersey

"Thanks for making the Fiddler to my specs. I'm very impressed with the way it looks and plays. Better quality than anything I've seen before and the control is amazing."
--Mike Flanagan, Cresskill, NJ

I know and love the CarboFlex blade because Charlie first developed it for me. I was using a thin, balsa-core blade originally given to me by former world champion Sol Schiff. Charlie duplicated it at first, but then improved the blade by adding carbon. Now, it's a lightweight, medium speed and very solid racket that gives me both touch and power. Many players have seen my racket and asked where to get one. Now they can!"
Carl Danner, coach

"In fact I showed the blade to a local dealer, he is a registered Donic dealer and also carries products by Butterfly, Yasaka, Tibhar, TSP, Xiom and is now branching out to chinese brands as well (because I have been nagging at him about the great strides made by the Chinese brands).

And this guy said that the BBC blade was not comparable to the big brands in workmanship and finish, he said it was better!"

--Ranger-man, OOAK Forums

"Fine craftsmanship - be it in cars or watches or musical instruments - is apparent from the moment you first try something.  Each of my three Fiddler blades has this quality.  And the balance of speed, control and feel that Charlie has achieved with these is memorable.  Bravo!"
--Orrin Star, Cheverly, MD

(The following was addressed to the members of the Ashland Table Tennis Club)

"Hey Guys,

A great opportunity is upon us! I ran into the world’s premier custom blade maker—BBC (Blades by Charlie—not me). Charlie Smith used to live in Ashland, Oregon, and he has reemerged again to make world class blades. Charlie’s blades are regarded as the best in the sport, having been shipped all over the world. He uses premium woods and gluing methods unmatched by assembly line processes.

I played in a tournament in Sacramento this last weekend where Charlie had a booth. Orders where flying in! I asked Charlie if I could have the first allocation for orders taken in the Ashland and Santa Cruz clubs. He agreed to move my orders to the top of the list.

His most popular blade, the Tri-Flex Carbon, is a blade to rule all blades. It offers characteristics that best Butterfly’s $150.00 ALC line-up. The TFC is fast when needed, slow when control is necessary, and gives better feedback than any carbon blade."

--Charley Aebersold, Ashland Table Tennis Club

"Charlie's blades are works of art.  He combines the finest materials with superb workmanship to craft a blade for you.  He listens to your request and carefully hones the blade to your specifications.  What else could you ask for??? Excellent!!!
--David Palmore, MD, Fresno, CA