The following blade shapes are available on most models:
  • Attack¬†- The actual dimensions are 155mm height x 146mm width, refer to the linked image for the actual shape
  • Attack II - Same dimensions as Attack(155mm height x 146mm width), but more of a tear-drop shape on the lines of Donic JO waldner shape, it results in a slightly lighter rubber weight.
  • Attack Junior
  • Chopper
  • C-Pen Round
  • J-Pen Round
  • J-Pen Square
  • P-Head - 157mm height x 152mm width of the face (pics coming soon)
  • LEO Head - 158mm height x 155mm width of the face
Click a link to bring up a PDF document containing a 1:1 scale scan of the respective blade shape.  Print the PDF on your printer, taking care to verify that the measured size from your printout matches the included dimensions (inches and mm) to ensure accurate rendering.