Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How long does it take you to make one of your blades?
A: One to three hours depending on whether I'm making one blade or a batch of blades, the type of blade, and the amount of rough milling I need to do based on inventory in my shop.  Of course, that doesn't include the time I spend finding and hand selecting the wood I use for my cores.

Q: How long will it take to make and ship my blade?
A: From 5-7 days unless I'm working through a backlog of orders or experience an unforeseen materials shortage.

Q: Can I order a pair of matched blades?
A: Absolutely, but there is a $20 surcharge for this exacting work.  If you order two like blades at the same time I can usually get them within 2-3 grams of each other and sometimes even match the grain.

Q: What are handle "scoops"?
A: Scoops are anatomically curved recesses for thumb and forefinger where they grip the top part of the handle.  Scoops have two functions: a) they permit a thumb-forefinger pinch grip for players who prefer a looser grip on fingers 3-5, and b) they allow your forefinger to remain flush with the backhand playing surface for better feel and sense of blade angle.  I'm a scoop user and I like my forefinger resting on the wooden blade itself, so for years I've been mounting my backhand rubber slightly higher than usual to provide an all-wood landing zone for my forefinger.

Q: Are BBC blades sealed?
A: Yes, all BBC blades are sealed in the final step of construction, but not with a shiny urethane top coat that you might be familiar with.  I searched long and hard for a sealant that penetrates the wood yet still protects against splintering when rubber is removed.  By not forming a hard top coat on softer woods like Mahogany and Cypress, the wood's natural resiliency is preserved and that improves playability.