About BBC

BBC Table Tennis is a California-based company owned and operated by Charlie "CW" Smith, a life-long table tennis lover who has been playing the game and making blades for nearly 40 years.  CW's quest for the perfect blade began at a tournament in the early 1970s when, while closing on the B class title he accidentally dinged his prized Yasaka single-ply Cypress blade on the table, instantly splitting it in two.  With no backup blade on hand CW tried in vain to locate and borrow a similar blade to continue the match, but couldn't and ended up forfeiting.

Could a blade be made that had the unique touch and awesome power of single ply cypress that wasn't prone to splitting?  Thus started CW's search for the holy grail of blades: The unsplittable single ply.  In the 1980's CW and his son ran Diablo Blades, and from there he went on to ASTI where he designed the now legendary CarboFlex blade, a center-carbon design with balsa and hardwood that broke new design ground.

Cut to 2007 and an end to a fifteen year hiatus from table tennis.  CW is back and creating more new blades than ever before.  His painstakingly sourced and greedily hoarded supply of instrument grade wood, combined with the very latest in adhesives and fiber technologies, are now being unleashed in his best blade designs ever.