How to Purchase

Online Store

BBC Table Tennis uses Paypal Shopping Cart to provide you with a simple and secure means of placing your order and making your payment online.  The shopping cart accepts Visa, Master Card, Amex, and Discover.  Once your order is placed I will contact you by email or telephone to gather the shape, handle type, and weight that you want.

ONYX Synister       $125
Pure carbon outer skins usher in a new era of power-to-weight ratio!

ULTRA Blue Streak       $125
A two-speed blade originally designed for OX LP

TriFlex Carbon      $135
The crown jewel of the BBC line!

Single-ply Cypress      $75
The all-time classic design at an affordable price

9-10-9      $115
Three Cypress + two carbon phenom. My "can't miss" blade!

Ramin Cross      $85
An update on the now discontinued Fiddler blade

Anvil      $115
Fat Cypress core with carbon and micro-ply Birch skins

All Around      $35
Five-ply blade that plays well above its price

Surcharge: Matched pair of blades      $20
Order two like blades at the same time and I can usually get them within 2-3 grams of each other and sometimes even match the grain.

Surcharge: Long handle      $10
Add up to 1" (25mm) to any handle's length

Surcharge: Scooped handles     $10
Anatomic hollows for thumb and forefinger as shown on CarboFlex Alpha and Three-ply Cypress.